Ushuaia during the summer remains as captivating and picturesque as winter, activities are varied, from typical sports tours as the "Prison Train" which besides being the southernmost train in the world, remember the story of inmates the prison of Ushuaia, for assisting in the construction and population of the city to the Martial glacier trekking a few kilometers from the city, including visits to Lake Escondido and Fagnano.

It is located in the southwest of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, near the international border with the Republic of Chile. Protects 63,000 hectares of the southern tip of the Cordillera de los Andes, in a band stretching from the Sierra de Injo Goiyin or Beauvoir, north of Lago Fagnano, to the coast of the Beagle Channel in the south.
The influence of the sea and the incidence of winds from the west throughout the year determine a uniform climate. Average temperatures are low, in the winter are close to 0 º and in summer reach 10 º. The snow is abundant, accumulating for long periods in valleys and slopes.

Throughout the trek, either alone or with a guide, you can explore the spectacular nature of Ushuaia, tracks of dense forests, peatlands and raises points of breathtaking panoramic views. The walks can be arranged according to the level of demand that is looking for, circuits for the whole family, to outputs of several days.
Although the ideal time for trekking is spring and summer, winter circuits and equipment are adapted: these include the pairs of footwear for travel in snow-covered land. With fewer hours of sunlight during the winter also shorten the routes.

Riding circuits are diverse and varied life. You may choose to ride so lonely for a predetermined circuit or take a trip in company with a local guide, which you will discover places that are otherwise inaccessible. Near Ushuaia is possible to move the edges of the mountains or the shores of the Beagle Channel, always living silence of the forest.

It is possible to construct tours around Ushuaia or cruises lasting 10 days with accommodation in various parts of Tierra del Fuego, such as the Heart of the Island or Peninsula Mitre. In these circuits is possible to visit the rooms in the area.

In the Isla Martillo, on the Beagle Channel, off the Estancia Harberton, between October and April Magellanic penguins nest. This colony of Magellanic penguins, houses more than 1000 nests and includes a small group (9 nests) of Gentoo penguins (Pygocelis Papua), the only settlement in South America recorded for this species.
Hammer Island represents one of the three colonies of Magellanic penguins in Patagonia Argentina present (only in Tierra del Fuego). The interpretive walk is carried out in an area of ​​800 m2 approx. where paths are respected, avoiding invading the habitat of the penguins.
A 90 km from Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel, the Anglican missionary Thomas Bridge in 1886 founded the Harberton Estancia, is the closest port to Hammer Island where the penguins from there sailed in boats.

Harberton, the first stay of Tierra del Fuego, is located 85 km east of Ushuaia.
We can access it by land through National Route 3 and additional "J" (40 kilometers of paved and 45 gravel), or by sea.
It has a high historical value, because their owners are the descendants of the Anglican missionary Thomas Bridges, who earlier this century lived with the natives of the area.
The operating room is dedicated to raising sheep. It is the only permanently open to the public, which can be reached by hiking or by their own means to visit their facilities. Walks are conducted tours of the ranch house, cemetery, and in the adjacent reserve area is traversed a path of botanical interpretation.
Once there, you can visit the Acatushún Museum, which displays skeletons of birds and marine mammals of southern South America. It was inaugurated on March 10, 2001 and aims to promote research into the basic biology and pathology of marine mammals, cetaceans, particularly small-and sea birds of Tierra del Fuego and adjacent areas.

The various features of lakes and rivers of Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego and in general), make this area of Argentina in an important point for sport fishing worldwide.
Salmonid species living in Tierra del Fuego are recognized worldwide for the quality of their meat. The trout that are most appreciated in Tierra del Fuego are the brown trout, brook trout and rainbow trout.
A day of fishing can be enjoyed freely (with a permit) at any point of the island enabled or the "preserves" typical stay in Tierra del Fuego that included hosting service. On the other hand, travel agencies in Ushuaia Guided tours of professionals who provide all equipment necessary for fishing.
Permitted fishing methods in Ushuaia are "spinning" or "spoon. " The fishing season in Ushuaia from October to March, reaching only for fishing in April, which means the return of the pieces.

The Martial Glacier is located 1,050 meters above sea level and is the source of most important drinking water Ushuaia. Its name is due to the browser Luis Fernando Martial, head of the French expedition in 1883 arrived in the area for scientific purposes.

In summer this place is ideal for various activities such as trekking and hiking tours can range from a few minutes to half-day itineraries or an entire day, with different levels of difficulty.

This is a wonderful ride unlike anything known. Flying over Ushuaia and its surroundings is a treat for the eyes, but it by helicopter or plane is something from another planet. Truly unforgettable. Among the available operability, is Heliushuaia..

Crossing the Andes, Tierra del Fuego, 60 km. north of Ushuaia; and passing through the main winter resorts of the Province, find this beautiful lake nestled in the mountains at the foot of Paso Garibaldi. Arrive after traveling about 50 km. pavement on National Route No. 3 and 4 km. gravel for access. From the Petrel Inn, located at the head of Lago Escondido, you can hike through the mountains surrounding the lake and sport fishing.
Approximate duration of the trip: extremely variable, making a minimum of 4 hours and can be extended as to include lunch and / or other activities.

The Antarctic tourist season begins in early October and ends in late March. During these months of the austral summer individual vessels, mainly cruisers and some sail boats, offer adventure enthusiasts and nature the possibility of traveling to the White Continent.
Departing from the Port of Ushuaia, the ships sails to the South to cross the Drake Passage, towards the extreme northwest of the Antarctic Peninsula which is located about 1,000 kilometers of Tierra del Fuego and two days at sea. There, tourists have the opportunity to visit places of incredible beauty.
The travel times and routes vary from a minimum of 10 days to more than three weeks, including the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Islands, Georgias, Sandwich and South Orkney and even a semi-circumnavigation path ending on another continent, such as Oceania.
The vessels used are of the icebreaker and / or reinforced hull. Less common are the helicopter carrier ships. The capacity of the vessels differs, as some can carry from 30 to 40 passengers and others over 300. According to the choice of the cruise, we can enjoy a luxury travel or other characteristics of the type of expedition-adventure, based on the characteristics of the service provided on board and on arrival.

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