Ushuaia offers the possibility to live the unique experience of knowing pristine sites in contact with nature, through the incredible landscapes. There are a number of different activities to do throughout the year covered by the preferences of all ages and tastes. You can make a lonely exit or opt for a tour accompanied by guides, professionals and local scouts.

Initiative and effort of the people the End of the World Museum preserves an important collection of objects and pieces that document the history of the region.
The old building on the corner of Maipú and Rivadavia Bay looks unperturbed. It worked the National Bank until 1976. From 1979 to present, it houses the Museo del Fin del Mundo, in charge of preserving the historical roots of Tierra del Fuego.
This goal was accomplished after several official attempts by a group of settlers determined to rescue the past. In 1973, they created a civil association, now known as HANIS, Yamana language that means "beech"and that stands for History, Anthropology, Nature, and South Island, all terms that define the identity of the institution.
Being recognized by the government Tierra del Fuego, the HANIS allowed the direct participation of the population in the museum, which in its creation became social and cultural reference of the city. For this reason, knowing their heritage means to understand some of the history and present of the area.

The Maritime Museum of Ushuaia is in the building of the former Presidio de Ushuaia (or Jail Reina of Tierra del Fuego) where they were detained at the most dangerous criminals, by their recurrence, becoming a sad fame. The building, which closed its doors in 1947, was declared a National Historic Landmark by Act of Congress of the Nation in April 1997 and is being restored to his visit to Argentina Navy and the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia.

The main objective of this museum is to display the culture of Yamana community, its practices, its relationship with nature and their disappearance. And he delivers. Yamana Museum, has become a historic and artistic attractions in the city of Ushuaia. His rooms show, through models, various scenes from the life of the native population that inhabited Tierra del Fuego during 6000 years and disappeared 30 years after white men came to these lands. You're interested in learning more about how they influenced the Yamana in southern Patagonia, Argentina, be sure to make this trip.

This Ushuaia city tour, you will have a comprehensive city tour in a typical London double-decker bus where bilingual guides will tell the story of the place. In its lower floor, the bus is decorated as a pub where you can drink coffee or chocolate while chatting with the guides.
Another feature of this city tour is that it unites the three museums, so that passengers can download the routes to them and, depending on time of year, the passenger can take it again after his visits to continue touring the city.

His predecessor, the train of prisoners, began operations in 1909 until 1952, but then, the company Tranex SA Tourism decided to revive the legend by creating the famous Train to the End of the World, which makes the last 8 miles of original route (previously was 25 km). Originally served as line loads Ushuaia National Prison specifically for hauling firewood. Currently operated as a tourist railway in the Tierra del Fuego National Park and is the southernmost operating railway in the world.

It is located in the southwest of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, near the international border with the Republic of Chile. Protects 63,000 hectares of the southern tip of the Cordillera de los Andes, in a band stretching from the Sierra de Injo Goiyin or Beauvoir, north of Lago Fagnano, to the coast of the Beagle Channel in the south.
The influence of the sea and the incidence of winds from the west throughout the year determine a uniform climate. Average temperatures are low, in the winter are close to 0 º and in summer reach 10 º. The snow is abundant, accumulating for long periods in valleys and slopes.

A visit to Sea Lion Island is available throughout the year. Going to the Beagle Channel, while surfing the Ushuaia Bay, you can get a lovely view of the city and its periphery: glaciers, valleys, mountains and a combination of landscapes and colors that amaze anyone visiting Ushuaia. The boat stops first at Bird Island, where you can appreciate the real cormorant habitat. The next stop is the Lobos Island, a place where there is a colony of sea lions in one and two hairs.
Eclaireurs The lighthouse marks the entrance to the Bay of Ushuaia. This site begins the return to the dock in Ushuaia, accompanied by storm petrels, skuas, gulls, albatrosses and other species that return escort.
This excursion can be made on vessels of many types. All of them run through the Beagle Channel, but differ in features and special services. The tour lasts approximately 3 hours, some alternatives include trekking on islands and islets.

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