Season: the entire year, green in summer, red in the fall, white in winter.

Requirements: total length of the trekking is 6 miles, while the the distance by car to the lake is 25 miles. You start from a height of 260 meters above sea while lake Emerald is 450 meters above sea, that is a 200 mts climb.

Itinerary: either via an Agency transfer or your own rented car you drive to a Siberian and Alaskan Huskies Kennel, 12 miles away from the city. There is where the stepway starts. First stage of the trekking is under the woods and allow us to enjoy incredible sights of the Valley of Tierra Mayor and Carvajal. The rest of the walk carries us through lengas forests, mountains, hanging glaciers, turbals, and allows to enjoy close views of the flora and fauna of the place, specially the huge diversity of birds that fly over the territory. Such is the travel until you reach the magnificent Laguna Esmeralda, which name perfectly describes the tonality of its waters.

The lake is rounded by the Albino Glacier , the Torres and the Toribio cords, and it is precisely this spot the place to enjoy the views of the landscape and the lake. After resting a while, the trekking back to the transport starts.