Excursión con salidas todo el año.


Salida por la mañana: 10:00hs - Regreso: 13:30hs


Salidas por la tarde: 15:00hs - Regreso: 18:30hs

Tiempo de duración :2:30hs

We sail from the Ushuaia harbour where the visit starts travelling the Ushuaia Bay towards the Beagle Channel.

With the Catamaran  we round the Isla de los Pajaros where he passengers will be able to sight the diverse flora and fauna, in particular big sea birds such as Skuas, Black Eyebrow Albatross, Cauquenes, Cook Seagulls and Grey Seagulls.

We later visit Isla de los Lobos where the main attraction are the seawolves  of one and two furs. Isla de los Pajaros and Isla de los Lobos are part of the Bridges archpelago. At the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, we will stop to take those typical potos that we want to keep as souvenirs. At the island we will be able to  sight Imperial and Rock Cormorans, and we will be lectured about the shipwreck of the SS monte Cervantes in the thirties.

During the return to Ushuaia, we will enjoy beatiful scenery, in particular the mountainous cord of Martial.