The Tour starts at your hotel, as a minibus with a tour guide will pick you up at your residence. We then drive to the National Park, distant 9 miles from Ushuaia city.

First stop will be the Fin del Mundo Train Station (End of the World). There you will be able to enjoy a 60 min travel by train, along the course of the famous original stepway made by the prisoners. With the train we travel the old trail the prisoners did when looking for wood. The train travels through wonderful natural scenarios with deep forests, rivers, peatbogs, and the remnants of an ancient Yamana settlement, the first natives that inhabited the area. Before entering the National Park, we will stop at the Macarena waterfall.

Bear in mind that the travel by train is optional, one way, since at the end of the railway we will be waiting for you with the minibus and the Tour Guide to start our visit to the Park. Once at the Park you will be able to observe at the more typical species of the Fueguino Forest, mainly Beeches, Nires, Lengas, Barba de Indio, and Farolitos Chinos, all among a surface extension of 63,000 Hectares (aprox 650.000 acres)

The first place to visit is the southernmost end of National Route Nbr 3, at Lapataia Bay, where we will be able to look at the famous sign FIN DEL MUNDO, symbolizing the connection between Alaska and Tierra del Fuego, the extremes of the American continent united by the famous Pan American Highway.

We continue then towards Green Lake (Laguna Verde) wher we will be able to sight one of the faces of Cerro Condor (Condor Hill), which forms part of the border with Chile. Next stop will be Lake Roca, which originally received the indian name of ACIGAMI, or long basket case. At this viewing point we will be able to sight the typical patagonic view of mountain, lakes and forests.

The last place to visit, and eventually the most pretty is Ensenada Zaratiegui (Cove). At the place you will be able to to admire Isla Redonda and visit the last Post Office of the Correo Argentino where foreign visitors use to stamp their passports and send postcards to places all over the world with the stamp fin del mundo.

At all stops we get down from the bus to take advantage of panoramic views, take photos and receive descriptions of the tour guide.