The jorney starts al 9AM when all wheel trucks will pick you up at your hotel. We head north to the north center of the island of Tierra del Fuego, in a journey of adventure and amusement for the whole family, from babies to seniors.

First stop will be on the Winter Resorts at Valle Mayor where we will visit a Siberian Huskies Kennel Club, and learn about the winter activites with the dog sleighs and the motor sleighs. Even thou there is no snow in the summer, dogs are trained the entire year and we have the possibility of meeting them training and eventualy ride with them in the training sleigh.

Later we go under the tunnels of Cerro Castor winter ski resort and start climbing the Andes reaching Paso Garibaldi the highest point in our route where we can appreciate Lago Escondido -Hidden Lake- name given by the fact that when the days are foggy it is impossible to sight the lake from the route.

We descend with the National Route #3 , the first ground access to Ushuaia from the north and the continent. We continue our journey visiting the old sawmills in the trail of the lumberjacks. The guides will direct you through hidden trails, in lengas forests where it is possible to sight numerous kinds of birds and red foxes. We walk through beaver dikes where the guide will explain how the exotic beaver population progresses as they have no natural predator and the damage they are causing to the natural environment.

The final goal of the excursion is to get to the coast of Lago Fagnano, where our cabins are located, where we enjoy a complete lunch, with grilled cuts of delicious argentine meat, salads, wine and refreshments. While the guides prepare the feast, we walk the coast of Lago Fagnano or walk to the Palacios Lagoon at 800 mts walking distance. After lunch, you will enjoy some rest and contemplate the magnificent spectacle or walk around and try delicious "alfajores" with tea, coffee or mate, the local infusion. The departure back to the city will be about 4:30 to 5:00 PM.